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My name is Sophia, an independent model and muse currently based in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in rural Northern California, I spent my early years running barefoot through fields, climbing trees, and gazing up at the stars. While its true I’ve grown accustomed to big city living, the countryside will always have my heart. There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh air and pine trees and the feeling of grass beneath your feet. 


These days, however, you will most likely find me strolling down Melrose on a warm sunny day - pressed juice in hand, finding pause at a sound bath or mediation class, perfecting my physique in the gym, perusing art galleries and museums, smearing paint on a fresh canvas, or connecting to my divine feminine energy in nature. 

I pride myself on having an adventurous spirit, a curious mind, and a genuinely compassionate heart. Exploring new cities and cultures, discovering a new favorite restaurant, and traveling to far away destinations are just a few of my favorite things. That being said, authentic and sincere connections are what my soul truly craves. My desires run deep and I yearn to experience life on all levels. 


As a muse, I inspire and seduce you to live up to your full potential by arousing your passion so that you may rekindle your inner fire and achieve grand successes. My ultimate goal is for us to part ways feeling revived, inspired, and remarkably restored, eagerly anticipating our next encounter. However you wish to spend our time together, I guarantee you, it will be an unforgettable experience. 

Why are we here if not to live with unbridled passion?

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